Sealy is strategically located within the coveted Texas Triangle Region which contains the state’s five largest cities and the majority of its population. The Triangle Region is formed by the state’s main urban centers, Austin , Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, TX. Sealy is the economic hub and largest city in Austin County, located directly on Interstate 10 and State Highway 36.

Area Seaports

Located near Sealy, Texas, a hub of commerce and industry, are several bustling seaports. From the vast expanse of the Port of Houston to the historic charm of the Port of Galveston, these ports facilitate trade, transportation, and economic growth in the region, connecting businesses to global markets and serving as vital gateways for goods and cargo. Whether it’s the Port of Texas City’s strategic location or the maritime heritage of Port Victoria, each port plays a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of Texas and beyond.

State Of Texas Railroad Services Map

Area Railroad Services

Within Sealy and Austin County, Texas, Union Pacific and BNSF play pivotal roles in facilitating efficient freight transportation, serving as vital arteries for local industries and businesses. With their extensive rail networks and strategic connections, these railroad services provide seamless access to markets, enabling the timely and cost-effective movement of goods. Whether it’s transporting agricultural products, industrial materials, or consumer goods, Union Pacific and BNSF ensure that Sealy and its surrounding areas remain well-connected to regional and national supply chains, driving economic growth and prosperity throughout the region.

Class I Railraod Emergency Contact Numbers

Union Pacific (UP) – (888) 877-7267

Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) – (800) 832-5452