Parks and Outdoors

The City of Sealy highly regards investment in community parks and outdoor activities.  Each park offers a clean, updated, and safe place for families to play and enjoy an active lifestyle together.  Some parks have amenites avalible for rent where private events can be held.  For park amenity rentals please visit Sealy City Hall or call 979-885-3511.

Denotes excellent Birthday Party location.

Jacqueline A. Cryan Memorial Park

1500 Miller Rd Sealy, TX 77474

*Mark A Chapman, B&PW Park

1008 Main Street Sealy, TX 77474

*Abe & Irene Levine Park Sealy

410 Main Street Park Sealy, TX 77474

*Joe Scranton Jr. Park

96 Daniels Street Sealy, TX 77474

*Mark Frederick Park

131 Brookside Lane Sealy, TX 77474

Thomas Family Ranch

12753 Hahn Rd. Sealy, TX 77474

Sealy Scooter Rentals

Sealy, TX 77474

Parks and Outdoors Outside of Sealy

West side Skydivers Houston

15599 Plane View Dr. Waller, TX 77484

Newman’s Bakery & Newman’s Castle

By Appointment Only

Hatari Wildlife Park

145 Co Rd 218 Weimer, TX 78962

Attwater Prairie Chicken Refuge

1206 APC-NWR Road Eagle Lake, TX 77434

*Splash Way Water Park

5211 Main St, Sheridan, TX 77475

Summer Breeze RV & Water Park

1019 Wilpitz Rd Brookshire, TX

Fayetteville County Reservoir

Lake Sommerville

Somerville, TX 77879
2nd Largest Live Oak Tree in Texas

Columbus Oak

1223 Walnut St, Columbus, TX 78934